It is said that the original name Kırkınca was given to forty people who hit the mountains in a legendary age. This name, which takes forms such as Kirkice, Kirkince and finally Çirkince in the Greek pronunciation, has been formalized as Şirince under the instruction of Kazım Dirik, the governor of İzmir in the early years of the Republic. In the 19th century, it was a 1,800 household Greek town, famous for its export fig production. Population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923 with the separation of the results of the Greeks, were settled by emigrants from Kavala Müştiyan and Somokol village. There are two Greek churches in the neighborhood. In Şirince, no house closes the view of the other. Şirince is famous for its wines and you can find many fruit wines as well as grape wines.


Şirince is 85km to İzmir. You can go to with your own car, also you can go with bus to Selçuk and then get on to dolmush for Şirince.